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Insight, advice and action for companies in transition, distress and insolvency.

Think Strategically. Act Opportunistically.

We help companies restore financial stability, recover from operational issues and capitalize on growth opportunities to rebuild stakeholder value.

Analysis of strategic and market alternatives for challenging situations

Distressed M&A and balance sheet planning

Creditor negotiations

Expert witness reports and testimony

Consulting witness and litigation support

Topics: Valuation, debt capacity, liquidity, M&A, financing, retention matters, market analysis, financial or operational issues

Management and board support

13-week cash flow and business forecast preparation

Lender reporting services

ARC Newsletter

See companies with debt trading at levels that may indicate financial stress or distress in our every-other week ARC report.


If you see yourself in any of these situations, we know how to help. These are real examples from clients we’ve recently assisted to create a clear path of stabilization and rejuvenation. Don’t fear the unknown. Contact us for a confidential consultation.​

Nothing's Wrong

Lenders aren’t being flexible. They’re behaving irrationally. But everything’s OK.

Management’s projections don’t seem credible. But they’re probably right.

A new set of bondholders is listening to our earnings calls. But that’s normal.

I think we’re just going to tough it out.

We missed our budget this quarter, but I’m sure we can make up for it next quarter.

Something's wrong

The market’s not as receptive to the refinancing proposal as the investment bankers hoped.

Trade creditors are complaining to the finance department about late payments.

Our mezzanine capital raise didn’t even generate a term sheet.

The new forecast model shows we might not have enough cash for the next bond payment.

We just missed our numbers and the banks are going to flip out.


The board isn’t experienced enough to handle this crisis by themselves.

Bond debt is trading at low prices and restructuring professionals keep calling us.

We just received a letter alleging an event of default under our bond indenture.

We MUST win this litigation or it’s a disaster.

We’re selling a division and buyers keep asking to do a deal “in a 363 sale.”

Core values

Work Relentlessly

Listen Hard

Be Opportunistic